The Night is Dark

Session 2

A Common Bond

The group recovers from the speakeasy incident and Sterling guides them to a Red Sect holding owed by a well-known fortune teller, Ms. Violet for some information.

They arrive and are first harassed by the store keep to buy something until finally Sterling steps up, shows something to her and suddenly, they are allowed passage. They make their way upstairs and into a small room where Ms. Violet sits with a devilish grin. She speaks like she’s been expecting them for sometime that the incident was foreseen. She tells them that a opening move has just been made and that the group is believed prophetic to save the world from this unrelenting force.

They all talk awhile longer, everyone told a key piece of their past to prove her abilities or perhaps to intimidate some. Either way, the effort is so that she can gain some trust and clout with the group.

She then asks for a few drops of blood, even offering her own to Emilie as she first attempts to decline. Sterling persuades her otherwise and everyone obliges. Ms. Violet casts some kind of spell, a spell to determine if they are Chosen or not. It would seem that they are and they form a Common Bond (Edge – allows other players to share their bennies).

A few questions linger on lips and they make their way back down, however, some notice a ruckus coming from the store front as soon discovered two men attempting to make their way past the keeper. Sterling steps out from behind the door and intimidates them a bit, as one man puffs up, Sterling makes quick work after flicking a cigarette and pair of dice at the man almost instantly dropping him. The other man scatters after being given a look by Sterling.

Alice and Knuckles look over the body and we drag it into the basement later to clean up. They find a note that basically transcribes to “Get here/take her out” Signed only by someone going by the letter ‘B’.

Alice slips out the back and takes a look around, noticing two more guys and lets Knuckles and Sterling know about it. She then proceeds to climb up and out a window on the stairwell.

Sterling gives Knuckles a bit of a makeover to have him appear like the dead guy and lure the other two into a trap in an effort to capture one. Our plan mostly works, as we kill another one and subdue the other as the session pulls to an end.

XP Total: 5 XP (from last session)


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