The Night is Dark

Session 3

Domino Effect

Sometimes the best ideas lead to the wrong results and it wasn’t any different tonight.

We start with our interrogation of the guy we had captured. We threw a slew of things at him and got him to admit where and how he was hired. He was merely a longshoreman that was hired as backup to whatever the other guys were up to tonight. He don’t know no man named ‘B’ and certainly wasn’t here to kill anyone.

We agree to some terms to get him to work a little more for us than them. Acting as a eyes and ears on the docks. He agrees to work with us additionally to act as a go between for the other guys so we can knock our way up the ladder and shake some of the ranks. I still suspect the Black Hand has some role in this.

We did our part and let him go for now. He’ll hopefully prove more useful alive than dead, but I ain’t against fixing that problem down the line once his usefulness has worn thin.

We agreed to investigate the mad man’s idea of looking for the rats. Finding out who’s behind that part might lead us faster than the docks thing. I agree.

We start with Mr. Smalls Pet whatever, he claims that some white haired guy and a wool coat wearing tall drink of water bought a cage just like the one I explain to him a couple days ago. They didn’t buy any rats though and all of Mr. Smalls rats were not white.

Emile, that voodoo kid, has some twist in her britches about getting some fancy snake. Little does she realize how useless they are with magic unless being sacrificed. The Manitou don’t care about how many things you got, but maybe if she got a poisonous one and risked her life? Mmm. Gives me an idea for another rainy night. Anyways, Mr. Smalls gives her the name of another gentlemen, who’s name honestly escapes me right now, but it’s otherwise unimportant.

He pointed us in the proper direction and also confirmed the two aforementioned gentlemen, white hair and wool coat, their names still evading us for now. He points us to the university where white rats are the standard in testing.

Emile takes off once we arrive at the University sweet talking the janitor and speaking in that undertongue language, Creole. What a foul and utterly useless language. She disappears for a bit with the man taking on an ‘adventure’ which we soon learn was a ruse to knock him out and lift his keys. They others depart in various wide area, while myself and Mr. Knuckles remain to question the gentleman and assure our risk is adverted.

The man awakens and unfortunately is unable to speak a lick of the higher class tongue, which is probably for the best. Thankfully, the man can understand me and we play a little game of Yes and No. He doesn’t know anything about rats being stolen, white hair or wool coat. He agrees that he didn’t see anything and we promise to have his keys back in this room by the end of the night. We apologize for our friend’s actions and hope that it did not unnerve him further.

We depart to find the others and learn some bits of information. In particular a professor named Professor Hathaway. He works in the bio lab upstairs and we work to find him.

The mad scientist guy, Alex I think his name is decides to upgrade his equipment by nabbing a toolbox belonging to the university while we question a student about Mr. Hathaway. During this line, Alex drops the toolbox and destroys whatever advantage we had as the student runs off to probably report the crime.

We break into Hathaway’s office just in the lick of time as a couple of boys attempt to make their way to use. Alex, yet again, shows off his unique skills by setting off a knock-out gas bomb in the office with us. Knuckles manages to get a window up, I’m barely standing at this point and stumble out the window to evade the gas and the men as they kick open the door. Knuckles falls flat on his face and the thief is yet to be seen.


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