The Night is Dark

Session 4

the Great Escape

The session picks up where Hodge had detonated a knock-out gas bomb in the office of Professor Hathaway. We had successfully managed to jump out of his window as Alice ducked into the air ducts.

Hodge decides it would be good to set off another small explosive device just outside the window after realizing that Alice didn’t make it out. Alice hears the cops exclaim that they went into the ducts only for the explosive below to go off and have them spot us running outside now.

Most of us managed to avoid suspicious glances except Hodge and soon after Knuckles. Sterling attempted to assist Hodge with his dodgy story of a lookalike by using disguise to run off looking like Hodge. However, realizing that did not work as well as imagined, he let it off and returned as Sterling. The latter two had now been arrested and though Knuckles had gotten deferred to another squad car, Sterling took over the appearance of one of the officers and escaped with both Knuckles and Hodge in a squad car. He dumped the squad car after lifting the Tommy gun in the trunk and made out with another $50 bucks. Telling Hodge that he now owed Sterling and Knuckles that they were even for the week in payment. He was also able to negotiate firearms for Knuckles to replace his missing ones, but did little for Hodge as his equipment had been seized as was not returned with him.

Emilee had already been outside during the whole ordeal and simply blended in with a few beatnik types. She kept a vigilant eye out and barely escaped the ire of a officer after she accidentally fumbled her shotgun out from under her. She did notice Hodge and Knuckles being taken away, but with no idea that it was Sterling under the mask. She would eventually meet up with Alice and return to the safehouse as well.

Alice now using her advantageous position in the air ducts to survey and gather the intel we had been attempting to gather in the first place. She shimmy’d through the air ducts, after both hog-tying herself up and untying herself. She would spot a wild, white haired man exclaiming happiness that nothing had been damaged in his laboratory. He notably copied down an address from a file and tore out the page departing soon after returning the file and locking the drawer.

Alice broke into the desk and using impression copying to get a copy of the address he had copied from the file. Using this, she was able to find out which file it related to and made handy notes for someone like Hodge or perhaps someone less prone to explosives to look at later. She didn’t get a feel that anything in the laboratory was a vaccine for the virus, but did note that it was a H4N4 virus and vaccine and that things were going “well” with the plan. She’d then return to the safehouse as well after returning everything in the lab to its proper place and escaping.

With some looking over of the address, Sterling figured out that the address likely related to the docks. Checking with the dock worker he now owned, he confirmed it and gave the proper directions to where it was located. Sterling and the group then moved to acquire whatever it was behind Gate 3.

They encountered a trio of tough guys protecting it, two men at the door and one on the roof top. Alice and Knuckles both spotted the roof guy and the latter pointed him out to Sterling. They approached with confidence first trying to bluff their way through with B, dropping the Black Hand name, and finally just brute strength as the session pulls to its end to be continued.



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