The Night is Dark

Session 5

the Showdown

The scene resumes with Sterling, Knuckles, Emilie (off in the shadows), Hodge and Alice (up on the roof) as Sterling as started the encounter with the two thugs at the door.

They ensuring scuffle would be a vigorous and tough battle between the parties involved. As one might gain advantage the other side soon did and in time. It left them both weak and broken in some places.

The warehouse was set ablaze after Alice dropped a gasoline bomb on one of the thugs, who was the white haired, long wool trench-coat man, who wielded some sort of hi-tech weapon and belt. He retreated after that and with the last remaining mook would make off in a boat but not before Sterling in his last breath would incapacitate the white-haired man and take the last bullet from the mook which would do the same to him.

They managed to escape the police and other dock security and successfully made it back to the safe-house. Alice was the only one that separated and got inside the warehouse hopefully to find some useful information and not get caught.



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