The Night is Dark

Session 6 and 7

Just a little R&R

Alice keeps hidden in the shadows and is able to plifer through the many drawers and lockers in the warehouse while everyone else makes their escape back to the safehouse. Sterling is rested in the bed to recover and the others start talking tactics and next steps.


Alice returns with paperwork and serums enough for everyone but we don’t know if they are any good. Sterling is willing to chance it for the time and takes the first of the serums. They watch him till there isn’t any time left to make sure it wasn’t some kind of poison. They take it right before the known “you got it” point and left Hodge and Emilee laid up for a few days as they didn’t take it so good.

We keep reviewing the information brought in by Alice and recover three addresses from the forms and investigate a little further about Hathaway and Trenchcoat.

Sterling sends the group out to scout the addresses and find the following:

  1. First Address is to some boarded up house in the French Quarters. No further recon at the moment
  2. Second Address was to the Army side of town. Too locked down to poke around too much. No recon either.
  3. Third Address was a cemetery. “Enter at your own risk” posted on the gate to the entrance.

The third seems the easiest to poke our curious finger in though possibly dangerous. Knuckles and Hodge figure out some kind of code in the address to give an address to a particular crypt that turns out to be related to the current Mayor of the Big Easy, MkAndrews or some other big-wig surname spelling.

They return to the safehouse worse for wear. Alice is scarred now from some dead-like thing, ghosts, or ghouls or whatever. Worth taking another look at, I figure. Hodge mentions something about a downstairs in the crypt and some festering and bloat dead man that he volted with his fancy cattle prod. I’ll have to get a better briefing soon. Their lack of details can sometimes be a little scatter-brained at times, and unfortunately, I’m out for another day or so.

My brain tells me that this is the “how-to” to what they did at the speakeasy a few nights ago. The virus is probably from the Confederates, probably the vaccine too, the boarded up place is some lab maybe and the dead guy, well, we got here a patient zero. This is just getting stranger and stranger. I’ll have to give the Red Sect a briefing about this. The Black Hand played a bold move against us. We’ll need to be able to act in kind.


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