The Night is Dark

Session 8

Delayed by the Living Dead.

Written by Sterling

I’m finally feeling a bit better now. The wounds have mostly healed up from the fight at the warehouse and I’ve gotten some basic correspondence from Violet about the ghouls in the graveyards acknowledging their existence in there and of course warning me again not to go in there at night. It is unfortunate that my so-called friends can’t follow the same advice.

Emlie was busy crafting some hoodoo things, Alice off and disappeared again and Hodge was inventing stuff too. I figured it’d be good to get some information on things and think some of the big picture through.

In my opinion, it’s Black Hand up to no good as always. They dropped infected rats in Storyville, known Red Sect territory. We’ve got addresses connecting the French Quarter, the military and the mayor’s family crypts. Though perhaps it seems a little too obvious for that too. I’ll have to make sure that this doesn’t become a self-filling theory.

Anyways, Emlie decided to wander out with her talismans. I wanted to go out anyways, so I figured I’d watch the young girl and see what her devious magics can do. I followed her out to a nearby graveyard, taking a seat across the way to give a gander.

She enters in and the living dead quickly rise up and take to her after some odd supernatural fog starts to roll in. I tried to give a warning, but she was grabbed rather quickly.

Knuckles and I take a few shots off out the zombie holding her and one nearby. She deftly pulls that machete of her’s though and plants it in his skull, ending that grab easily enough. I take out one of the zombies next, and Knuckles starts a rotation of aiming down one line while firing the other and is able to quickly dispatch the last two. I had her throw those talismans into the graveyard, which routed the rest something in them was luring them to her.

Unbeknownst to us, cops have been called not for us firing weapons god awful early in the morning but Hodge had decided he needed some more tools and moved to robbed the nearby hardware store. Though, it failed when he awoke the owner who caught him in the act and threatened him out of the store while he attempted to back peddle with a shotgun pointed at his face.

The cops arrive on scene as we make our break down the alleyway, I first thought they were after us, but only then did I learn that Hodge did what he just did and failed. I was able to cover for him again. Honestly, starting to get a bit tired of this shenanigan. Emlie though, definitely helped with her own persuasive abilities. She’s proving rather well.

We decided to head to Benny’s place to get access to the Dead Parrot, a local docker speakeasy. He tells us to come around when he gets off work.

We depart from there and head to Violet’s place. She needs a new shopkeep, that one’s getting annoying with all the questioning.

I wanted to see if we could get a better direction on where to go. She advises me to look for the bigger picture that something isn’t quite right and I should be able to figure it all out in time. She asks about Emlie, seems she already knows much though and I tell her that I’ll be sending her around this way when she’s up to it. She talks with the others a little and we depart again.

Coming back to Benny, we head to the Dead Parrot where we meet with Sam, an introduction made by Benny. He’s an old grizzled dock worker, a bandanna covers one of his eyes and Knuckles and I take a seat.

He gives us some information in exchange for some cash and a favor and actually gives quite a bit.

  • The boat comes around like clockwork, always at night, no lanterns to guide it. Almost seems like it drives itself. It goes upriver.
  • The warehouse produced a odd, blue light from the seams when people were inside.
  • They hired a few men to assist, but they became dead-men walking in that they were soon found in alleyways or in the river.
  • He acknowledged everyone that’d we’d met as being in the warehouse at some point or another: Hathaway, Trenchcoat.
  • He unfortunately doesn’t know what they were up to inside. No one ever got a look.

He seems that he still might know a thing or two and wants to see how we pan out first. Wants us to come around coming Thursday at 2AM for some kind of a job. We need some money and information anyway.


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