The Night is Dark

Session 1

You met in a bar

The classic RPG trope still rings true. You met in a bar, though you don’t all known one another you are all here for one reason or another.

Sterling and Knuckles discuss rates, while the mad patent scientist roams about drinking milk at a speakeasy.

Alice is scoping the place and well some young voodoo looking doll is here strapped with a sawed-off. I mean honey, I know the world is tough but damn, you don’t look half the size necessary to wield the thing.

Then the rats invaded.

We basically ran in circles as the surprising nimble voodoo girl is more than capable with that shotgun, seems her daddy taught her a thing or two. They had all been bitten. A similar looking disease as one I saw out West. They’ll need to find the antidote soon if they are infected. They only have two days before it sets in for better or worse.

I have to wonder if this is the Black Hands work. Either way, I pay Knuckles to fight for me. Alice, I have her wide eyed that I knew her and the same with this scientist fellow. The little girl well she was easy, just promise her some mojo from the rats and she’s in. Seems like I got a new team and a whole new mess to move.


freedomischaos freedomischaos

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