The Night is Dark

Session 8
Delayed by the Living Dead.

Written by Sterling

I’m finally feeling a bit better now. The wounds have mostly healed up from the fight at the warehouse and I’ve gotten some basic correspondence from Violet about the ghouls in the graveyards acknowledging their existence in there and of course warning me again not to go in there at night. It is unfortunate that my so-called friends can’t follow the same advice.

Emlie was busy crafting some hoodoo things, Alice off and disappeared again and Hodge was inventing stuff too. I figured it’d be good to get some information on things and think some of the big picture through.

In my opinion, it’s Black Hand up to no good as always. They dropped infected rats in Storyville, known Red Sect territory. We’ve got addresses connecting the French Quarter, the military and the mayor’s family crypts. Though perhaps it seems a little too obvious for that too. I’ll have to make sure that this doesn’t become a self-filling theory.

Anyways, Emlie decided to wander out with her talismans. I wanted to go out anyways, so I figured I’d watch the young girl and see what her devious magics can do. I followed her out to a nearby graveyard, taking a seat across the way to give a gander.

She enters in and the living dead quickly rise up and take to her after some odd supernatural fog starts to roll in. I tried to give a warning, but she was grabbed rather quickly.

Knuckles and I take a few shots off out the zombie holding her and one nearby. She deftly pulls that machete of her’s though and plants it in his skull, ending that grab easily enough. I take out one of the zombies next, and Knuckles starts a rotation of aiming down one line while firing the other and is able to quickly dispatch the last two. I had her throw those talismans into the graveyard, which routed the rest something in them was luring them to her.

Unbeknownst to us, cops have been called not for us firing weapons god awful early in the morning but Hodge had decided he needed some more tools and moved to robbed the nearby hardware store. Though, it failed when he awoke the owner who caught him in the act and threatened him out of the store while he attempted to back peddle with a shotgun pointed at his face.

The cops arrive on scene as we make our break down the alleyway, I first thought they were after us, but only then did I learn that Hodge did what he just did and failed. I was able to cover for him again. Honestly, starting to get a bit tired of this shenanigan. Emlie though, definitely helped with her own persuasive abilities. She’s proving rather well.

We decided to head to Benny’s place to get access to the Dead Parrot, a local docker speakeasy. He tells us to come around when he gets off work.

We depart from there and head to Violet’s place. She needs a new shopkeep, that one’s getting annoying with all the questioning.

I wanted to see if we could get a better direction on where to go. She advises me to look for the bigger picture that something isn’t quite right and I should be able to figure it all out in time. She asks about Emlie, seems she already knows much though and I tell her that I’ll be sending her around this way when she’s up to it. She talks with the others a little and we depart again.

Coming back to Benny, we head to the Dead Parrot where we meet with Sam, an introduction made by Benny. He’s an old grizzled dock worker, a bandanna covers one of his eyes and Knuckles and I take a seat.

He gives us some information in exchange for some cash and a favor and actually gives quite a bit.

  • The boat comes around like clockwork, always at night, no lanterns to guide it. Almost seems like it drives itself. It goes upriver.
  • The warehouse produced a odd, blue light from the seams when people were inside.
  • They hired a few men to assist, but they became dead-men walking in that they were soon found in alleyways or in the river.
  • He acknowledged everyone that’d we’d met as being in the warehouse at some point or another: Hathaway, Trenchcoat.
  • He unfortunately doesn’t know what they were up to inside. No one ever got a look.

He seems that he still might know a thing or two and wants to see how we pan out first. Wants us to come around coming Thursday at 2AM for some kind of a job. We need some money and information anyway.

Session 6 and 7
Just a little R&R

Alice keeps hidden in the shadows and is able to plifer through the many drawers and lockers in the warehouse while everyone else makes their escape back to the safehouse. Sterling is rested in the bed to recover and the others start talking tactics and next steps.


Alice returns with paperwork and serums enough for everyone but we don’t know if they are any good. Sterling is willing to chance it for the time and takes the first of the serums. They watch him till there isn’t any time left to make sure it wasn’t some kind of poison. They take it right before the known “you got it” point and left Hodge and Emilee laid up for a few days as they didn’t take it so good.

We keep reviewing the information brought in by Alice and recover three addresses from the forms and investigate a little further about Hathaway and Trenchcoat.

Sterling sends the group out to scout the addresses and find the following:

  1. First Address is to some boarded up house in the French Quarters. No further recon at the moment
  2. Second Address was to the Army side of town. Too locked down to poke around too much. No recon either.
  3. Third Address was a cemetery. “Enter at your own risk” posted on the gate to the entrance.

The third seems the easiest to poke our curious finger in though possibly dangerous. Knuckles and Hodge figure out some kind of code in the address to give an address to a particular crypt that turns out to be related to the current Mayor of the Big Easy, MkAndrews or some other big-wig surname spelling.

They return to the safehouse worse for wear. Alice is scarred now from some dead-like thing, ghosts, or ghouls or whatever. Worth taking another look at, I figure. Hodge mentions something about a downstairs in the crypt and some festering and bloat dead man that he volted with his fancy cattle prod. I’ll have to get a better briefing soon. Their lack of details can sometimes be a little scatter-brained at times, and unfortunately, I’m out for another day or so.

My brain tells me that this is the “how-to” to what they did at the speakeasy a few nights ago. The virus is probably from the Confederates, probably the vaccine too, the boarded up place is some lab maybe and the dead guy, well, we got here a patient zero. This is just getting stranger and stranger. I’ll have to give the Red Sect a briefing about this. The Black Hand played a bold move against us. We’ll need to be able to act in kind.

Session 5
the Showdown

The scene resumes with Sterling, Knuckles, Emilie (off in the shadows), Hodge and Alice (up on the roof) as Sterling as started the encounter with the two thugs at the door.

They ensuring scuffle would be a vigorous and tough battle between the parties involved. As one might gain advantage the other side soon did and in time. It left them both weak and broken in some places.

The warehouse was set ablaze after Alice dropped a gasoline bomb on one of the thugs, who was the white haired, long wool trench-coat man, who wielded some sort of hi-tech weapon and belt. He retreated after that and with the last remaining mook would make off in a boat but not before Sterling in his last breath would incapacitate the white-haired man and take the last bullet from the mook which would do the same to him.

They managed to escape the police and other dock security and successfully made it back to the safe-house. Alice was the only one that separated and got inside the warehouse hopefully to find some useful information and not get caught.


Session 4
the Great Escape

The session picks up where Hodge had detonated a knock-out gas bomb in the office of Professor Hathaway. We had successfully managed to jump out of his window as Alice ducked into the air ducts.

Hodge decides it would be good to set off another small explosive device just outside the window after realizing that Alice didn’t make it out. Alice hears the cops exclaim that they went into the ducts only for the explosive below to go off and have them spot us running outside now.

Most of us managed to avoid suspicious glances except Hodge and soon after Knuckles. Sterling attempted to assist Hodge with his dodgy story of a lookalike by using disguise to run off looking like Hodge. However, realizing that did not work as well as imagined, he let it off and returned as Sterling. The latter two had now been arrested and though Knuckles had gotten deferred to another squad car, Sterling took over the appearance of one of the officers and escaped with both Knuckles and Hodge in a squad car. He dumped the squad car after lifting the Tommy gun in the trunk and made out with another $50 bucks. Telling Hodge that he now owed Sterling and Knuckles that they were even for the week in payment. He was also able to negotiate firearms for Knuckles to replace his missing ones, but did little for Hodge as his equipment had been seized as was not returned with him.

Emilee had already been outside during the whole ordeal and simply blended in with a few beatnik types. She kept a vigilant eye out and barely escaped the ire of a officer after she accidentally fumbled her shotgun out from under her. She did notice Hodge and Knuckles being taken away, but with no idea that it was Sterling under the mask. She would eventually meet up with Alice and return to the safehouse as well.

Alice now using her advantageous position in the air ducts to survey and gather the intel we had been attempting to gather in the first place. She shimmy’d through the air ducts, after both hog-tying herself up and untying herself. She would spot a wild, white haired man exclaiming happiness that nothing had been damaged in his laboratory. He notably copied down an address from a file and tore out the page departing soon after returning the file and locking the drawer.

Alice broke into the desk and using impression copying to get a copy of the address he had copied from the file. Using this, she was able to find out which file it related to and made handy notes for someone like Hodge or perhaps someone less prone to explosives to look at later. She didn’t get a feel that anything in the laboratory was a vaccine for the virus, but did note that it was a H4N4 virus and vaccine and that things were going “well” with the plan. She’d then return to the safehouse as well after returning everything in the lab to its proper place and escaping.

With some looking over of the address, Sterling figured out that the address likely related to the docks. Checking with the dock worker he now owned, he confirmed it and gave the proper directions to where it was located. Sterling and the group then moved to acquire whatever it was behind Gate 3.

They encountered a trio of tough guys protecting it, two men at the door and one on the roof top. Alice and Knuckles both spotted the roof guy and the latter pointed him out to Sterling. They approached with confidence first trying to bluff their way through with B, dropping the Black Hand name, and finally just brute strength as the session pulls to its end to be continued.


Session 3
Domino Effect

Sometimes the best ideas lead to the wrong results and it wasn’t any different tonight.

We start with our interrogation of the guy we had captured. We threw a slew of things at him and got him to admit where and how he was hired. He was merely a longshoreman that was hired as backup to whatever the other guys were up to tonight. He don’t know no man named ‘B’ and certainly wasn’t here to kill anyone.

We agree to some terms to get him to work a little more for us than them. Acting as a eyes and ears on the docks. He agrees to work with us additionally to act as a go between for the other guys so we can knock our way up the ladder and shake some of the ranks. I still suspect the Black Hand has some role in this.

We did our part and let him go for now. He’ll hopefully prove more useful alive than dead, but I ain’t against fixing that problem down the line once his usefulness has worn thin.

We agreed to investigate the mad man’s idea of looking for the rats. Finding out who’s behind that part might lead us faster than the docks thing. I agree.

We start with Mr. Smalls Pet whatever, he claims that some white haired guy and a wool coat wearing tall drink of water bought a cage just like the one I explain to him a couple days ago. They didn’t buy any rats though and all of Mr. Smalls rats were not white.

Emile, that voodoo kid, has some twist in her britches about getting some fancy snake. Little does she realize how useless they are with magic unless being sacrificed. The Manitou don’t care about how many things you got, but maybe if she got a poisonous one and risked her life? Mmm. Gives me an idea for another rainy night. Anyways, Mr. Smalls gives her the name of another gentlemen, who’s name honestly escapes me right now, but it’s otherwise unimportant.

He pointed us in the proper direction and also confirmed the two aforementioned gentlemen, white hair and wool coat, their names still evading us for now. He points us to the university where white rats are the standard in testing.

Emile takes off once we arrive at the University sweet talking the janitor and speaking in that undertongue language, Creole. What a foul and utterly useless language. She disappears for a bit with the man taking on an ‘adventure’ which we soon learn was a ruse to knock him out and lift his keys. They others depart in various wide area, while myself and Mr. Knuckles remain to question the gentleman and assure our risk is adverted.

The man awakens and unfortunately is unable to speak a lick of the higher class tongue, which is probably for the best. Thankfully, the man can understand me and we play a little game of Yes and No. He doesn’t know anything about rats being stolen, white hair or wool coat. He agrees that he didn’t see anything and we promise to have his keys back in this room by the end of the night. We apologize for our friend’s actions and hope that it did not unnerve him further.

We depart to find the others and learn some bits of information. In particular a professor named Professor Hathaway. He works in the bio lab upstairs and we work to find him.

The mad scientist guy, Alex I think his name is decides to upgrade his equipment by nabbing a toolbox belonging to the university while we question a student about Mr. Hathaway. During this line, Alex drops the toolbox and destroys whatever advantage we had as the student runs off to probably report the crime.

We break into Hathaway’s office just in the lick of time as a couple of boys attempt to make their way to use. Alex, yet again, shows off his unique skills by setting off a knock-out gas bomb in the office with us. Knuckles manages to get a window up, I’m barely standing at this point and stumble out the window to evade the gas and the men as they kick open the door. Knuckles falls flat on his face and the thief is yet to be seen.

Session 2
A Common Bond

The group recovers from the speakeasy incident and Sterling guides them to a Red Sect holding owed by a well-known fortune teller, Ms. Violet for some information.

They arrive and are first harassed by the store keep to buy something until finally Sterling steps up, shows something to her and suddenly, they are allowed passage. They make their way upstairs and into a small room where Ms. Violet sits with a devilish grin. She speaks like she’s been expecting them for sometime that the incident was foreseen. She tells them that a opening move has just been made and that the group is believed prophetic to save the world from this unrelenting force.

They all talk awhile longer, everyone told a key piece of their past to prove her abilities or perhaps to intimidate some. Either way, the effort is so that she can gain some trust and clout with the group.

She then asks for a few drops of blood, even offering her own to Emilie as she first attempts to decline. Sterling persuades her otherwise and everyone obliges. Ms. Violet casts some kind of spell, a spell to determine if they are Chosen or not. It would seem that they are and they form a Common Bond (Edge – allows other players to share their bennies).

A few questions linger on lips and they make their way back down, however, some notice a ruckus coming from the store front as soon discovered two men attempting to make their way past the keeper. Sterling steps out from behind the door and intimidates them a bit, as one man puffs up, Sterling makes quick work after flicking a cigarette and pair of dice at the man almost instantly dropping him. The other man scatters after being given a look by Sterling.

Alice and Knuckles look over the body and we drag it into the basement later to clean up. They find a note that basically transcribes to “Get here/take her out” Signed only by someone going by the letter ‘B’.

Alice slips out the back and takes a look around, noticing two more guys and lets Knuckles and Sterling know about it. She then proceeds to climb up and out a window on the stairwell.

Sterling gives Knuckles a bit of a makeover to have him appear like the dead guy and lure the other two into a trap in an effort to capture one. Our plan mostly works, as we kill another one and subdue the other as the session pulls to an end.

XP Total: 5 XP (from last session)

Session 1
You met in a bar

The classic RPG trope still rings true. You met in a bar, though you don’t all known one another you are all here for one reason or another.

Sterling and Knuckles discuss rates, while the mad patent scientist roams about drinking milk at a speakeasy.

Alice is scoping the place and well some young voodoo looking doll is here strapped with a sawed-off. I mean honey, I know the world is tough but damn, you don’t look half the size necessary to wield the thing.

Then the rats invaded.

We basically ran in circles as the surprising nimble voodoo girl is more than capable with that shotgun, seems her daddy taught her a thing or two. They had all been bitten. A similar looking disease as one I saw out West. They’ll need to find the antidote soon if they are infected. They only have two days before it sets in for better or worse.

I have to wonder if this is the Black Hands work. Either way, I pay Knuckles to fight for me. Alice, I have her wide eyed that I knew her and the same with this scientist fellow. The little girl well she was easy, just promise her some mojo from the rats and she’s in. Seems like I got a new team and a whole new mess to move.


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