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  • Players

    * [[:sterling | Sterling]] * [[:alice-white | Alice White]] * [[:knuckles | Knuckles]] * [[:emlie | Emilie]] * [[:hodge | Alex Hodge]]

  • Sterling

    Sterling is a tall, thin, handsome with slick back (with a slight parting to the right) hair and a lovely set of green/hazel eyes on a sickly and naught face. He's a man with silver tongue and elbows deep in something more than ordinary. The man is …

  • Alice White

    Alice is a known thief and criminal. A knack for lifting important things from the people that pay here the most.

  • Knuckles

    Knuckles is a street fighter, bodyguard, all around tough guy. He's for hire and currently under the employ of [[:sterling | Sterling]]

  • Alex Hodge

    A normal man because normal of Patent Scientists are weird, eccentric and strange. Alex drinks milk at a bar and has some interesting gadgets in his tool belt.

  • Emlie

    She's young but seems crafty. She's well-armed under that coat of hers as well, sawed-off shotgun, machete, some kind of skull.

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